Will be held September 22, 2015 from 2-3:30pm in ALS 3005. 


  • Carolyn Boyd, director of Student Affairs Communications and Marketing, will present a short intro to AP and OSU styles. Did you know that all university units are expected to follow AP style in communications (including the web)? In addition, did you know that OSU has some exceptions to AP style? We’ll learn about the importance of consistent style and go over some of the trickier usages.  
  • Danielle Gabriel (Oregon Wine Research Institute) and I will talk about what we learned at Confab Intensive. We’ll have lots of good things about content strategy, governance and web communication to share.

As time allows, we’re going to try and do some workshopping for those who are looking for some content creation help. Are you trying to move from “What do we want to tell people?” to “What do people want to know? How can we create content that helps our users?”? Get ready for some brainstorming!