Central Web Services has setup a GitLab server which we use as a central Git repository. This server is accessible on campus and we can use it to share our Drupal projects.

Public Projects on CWS GitLab

Most of our main Drupal projects are public. You can see the list and get the git URLs for the projects at https://gitlab.cws.oregonstate.edu/public

How to access CWS GitLab for code sharing

  1. On your development machine make sure you have your SSH keys generated.
  2. Locate and copy your public key.
  3. Login to https://gitlab.cws.oregonstate.edu/ using your ONID account.
  4. Locate your profile. Look for a menu on the top right.
  5. In your profile SSH Keys.
  6. Click Add New and copy in your public key.
  7. You can add additional keys if desired.

Create your own projects and share with others

  1. Click the +Project button.
  2. Give your project a name and save it.
  3. You will then see instructions for initializing your Git repository and commiting your code.
  4. Add members to your team to share the code with them.

How to get access to existing projects

Currently you can only see projects of which you are a member, and you must contact the project lead and request to be added to the team for each project. Contact Paul Lieberman in CWS to get added to any of our projects.