03/20/2015, 01:30 pm to 03:30 pm
Furman 303

Alan Calvert, Colleen Schlonga, Erin Martin, Jean Waters, John McQueen, Judi Saam, Mark Stiffler, Mauricio Cordoba, Michael McDonald, Nicholas Blum, Pat Kight, Paul Lieberman, Ricky Middaugh, Sara Freedman, Sara Monk, Sher Fenn, Victoria Drake


Introduction to new & improved community site at http://dev.drupal.oregonstate.edu - Sher

Contexts Presentation, Demos, Q&A - Sher: OSU Drupal 7 Contexts slide set available in OSU Google Docs

Program Feature - John M & Scott W

Format Discussion for future meetings

  • What do folks want out of this group?  Training?  Networking?  
  • John M has volunteered to discuss how he’s using Display Suite in Grad School and has requested additional info on it.  Shall we make that a topic for the next meeting?

Drupalcon LA Connection Opportunities

  • Open Forum

Group introduced to dev.drupal.oregonstate.edu


Program Feature

  • Currently in the process of discovery
  • Many different inputs
  • Provided examples of how vastly different information is across different platforms throughout the university
  • Provided some examples of some interesting displays of program information, including OSU Ecampus
  • Request for involvement

Format Determined

  • Begin with a 30-45 minute targeted tutorial/training opportunity
  • Show & Tell Period
  • Open Forum/Announcements

Drupalcon LA

Confirmed Participants:

  • Sara Monk
  • Michael McDonald

Open Forum

Will we be seeing any new themes any time soon? (Colleen S.)

  • Per Mauricio: new homepage design is in process.  Original design was scrapped by upper management.  Started from scratch, but team is looking at Drupal Bootstrap theme and liking what they see

When will Media Module get fixed so that it includes alt tags? (Pat K)

  • Per Paul: We've had the most current version in our dev environment for awhile.  We've put off upgrading to it because it hasn't been updated in a very, very long time.  It has, however, been stable in our dev environment.  This will be made a priority.

Demo of Lookup Module, explained by Mauricio

Two-week Update Cycle process explained by Paul

  • Received several positive comments regarding blog post about upcoming update


Action Items: 
Everyone - Submit training ideas if you have them
Sher - coordinate responses, post results on site
Sher, Erin, Paul - get together at some point within the next month and discuss community site