05/22/2015, 01:30 pm to 03:30 pm

Alan Calvert, Erin Martin, Jean Waters, Jeannine Cropley, John McQueen, Paul Lieberman, Sara Monk, Sher Fenn, Terralyn Vandetta

Our agenda for this meeting is short, which I apologize for.  May has been a very busy month:

  • Google + Responsive – Jean Waters
  • Drupal in the Cloud – Jean Waters
  • Media Module for Architects – Sher Fenn
  • New/Newly Upgraded Sites
    • DCE
    • SeaGrant
    • (Let me know if there are any others that any of you wish to promote)
  • Drupalcon LA Open Discussion
  • Open Forum

Google + Responsive - Jean Waters

Google is now using responsive design as one of their ranking criteria and it's had some drastic effects on some organizations.

For more information, please see:

Drupal in the Cloud - Jean Waters

CWS is currently talking with both Acquia and Pantheon regarding hosting services.  This will not affect the OSU Drupal 6 distribution.

Media Module for Architects - Sher Fenn

We didn't get an opportunity to talk about new sites, or Drupalcon LA. 

The Open Forum was lively and covered a variety of topics including:

  • Possible tools for pdf generation
  • The process for moving a feature from a tar file to Git
    • Both John and Alan volunteered to put together some material on building features
  • Troubleshooting video on a view