07/24/2015, 01:30 pm to 03:30 pm
Furman Hall, Rm 303

Sher Fenn, John McQueen, Matt Hansen, Mauricio Cordoba, Cody Nivens, Krista Klinkhammer, Steven Lundeberg, Michael McDonald, Alan Calvert, Erin Martin, Pat Kight, Kent Sumner, James Thomas, Raul Munoz, Benny Zhao, Colleen Schlonga

Opening News: Sher Fenn (5 min)

Presentation: Introducing the Feature Page, Sher Fenn (15 min)

Presentation: Using the Stylesheet Overlay, John McQueen (1 hr/as needed)

Open Forum: 30 min


We had some great attendance today!  It was a real pleasure to see folks from the MU, new COB and Engineering reps, and Student Affairs - we hope to see you all at future events as well!

Feature Page presentation, Sher Fenn

  • Brief overview of upcoming Feature Page feature from InterComm & CWS
  • Explanation of delay from Mauricio - there is a conflict between Tiny MCE and Field Collections

Add Your Own CSS with the Stylesheet Overlay Module presentation, John McQueen

  • Overview of what the Stylesheet Overlay is
  • Demonstration of how to set it up and use it
  • Introduced audience to what Sass is, and demoed how to manage your CSS with it
  • Points brought up about being aware and working within OSU Brand and Accessibility guidelines
  • Stylesheet Overlay can be successfully used on a single group within a site

Thanks for your participation, everyone!