11/13/2015, 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
LInC 368 - 165 SW Sackett Place

Matt Hansen, Mauricio Cordoba, Ricky Middaugh, Cody Nivens, Nicholas Blum, Roberto Nunez, Sher Fenn, Alan Calvert, Sara Monk, Stephen Hotard, Tay McEdwards, Brianna McNall, Sarah Payne, James Thomas, Michael McDonald, Krista Klinkhammer, Susan Emerson

I was really hoping to give you all a Google Map to the Learning Innovation Center (LiNC), but the map is wrong! If you haven't seen the new building, it's nestled west of the Women's Building, north of Austin Hall and south of the Agricultural & Life Sciences building, at 165 Sackett Place. Here's some more information on it.

Introductions - 5 min

  • Review of minutes from past meeting

Current News - 5 min

  • State of Drupal 8 - Matt Hansen
  • Acquia Progress - Matt Hansen
  • New OSU Home Page Results - David Baker

Futurecasting - 5 min

  • Possible CSS Workshops? - Mauricio Cordoba, CWS front-end developer, is curious as to whether folks would be interested in some CSS training. Let him know how you feel! :)

Show and Tell - 15 min

  • Who has new stuff they want to show off? Let us know and we'll pop it on the agenda.

Training - 30 min

  • Feature Building Series - Part 1: Planning Out Your Data Structures - Sher Fenn
    • The first of a series of intermediate-to-advanced training session tidbits. This is interactive folks, be prepared to collaborate.
    • For this session, bring ideas about features that you would like to have available. We'll toss some ideas in the hat, take a vote, and then create a "blueprint" for construction
    • Looking for brave souls who would like to work together and present on future pieces!

Open Forum - 30 min

  • Call for next meeting agenda items
  • Connection Building, Problem Solving, Suggestion Making, etc



Drupal 8 Update

  • The first official Drupal 8 release is expected to happen next week. Contributed modules still have a long way to go. This will not affect the OSU Drupal distribution, though CWS will start focusing attention on some Drupal 8 development.

Acquia Update

  • CWS is on schedule with Acquia.
  • The bulk of what is to be done will be unnoticed by most of their customers. The exception will be those customers who have their own Drupal shops and who will be leveraging their own Drupal codebase.

New OSU Home Page

  • Mauricio Cordoba spoke for Interactive Communications regarding the home page. The release of the OSU Home Page went well, with no errors.
  • Tay McEdwards of Disability Access Services noted that the video that is linked to the home page needs closed captioning or transcripts to be accessible and it's missing a tag. Mauricio encouraged him to contact Kegan Sims directly regarding this.
  • A new Drupal theme to compliment the OSU Home Page design is still several months away, according to Mauricio.

Accessibility/CSS Workshops

  • Mauricio is seeking information regarding community members who have an interest in receiving more in-depth training on accessibility and, perhaps, some CSS.
  • If you're interested in training of this nature, please add your name and email to the Accessibility/CSS Training spreadsheet

Resources for Today's Training:


Action Items: 
Sher - Develop Part 2 of Feature Development Training