05/19/2015, 02:00 pm to 05/26/2015, 03:10 pm
Kidder 202


Thank you to all who attended this week’s Web Communication and Content Strategy meetup! Big time thanks to Sher Fenn for a look at Media module from a communication/content perspective and to Kegan Sims & the rest of CWS for giving us a sneak peek at the new Single Site/Page layout (I forget the name, so sorry!). Our next meeting is TBD.  

Here are some resources about content modelling:

Karen McGrane – Content in a Zombie Apocalypse

 Rachel Lovinger – Content Modelling: A Master Skill from A List Apart

Cleve Gibbon - Content Modeling Series  

Paul mentioned Jeff Eaton’s session on the Battle for the Body Field from DrupalCon. 

And, of course:

Sher’s Media Module slides