04/12/2016, 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
Kidder 202, 2000 SW Campus Way

Derek Whiteside, Sher Fenn, Dan Crouch, Kegan Sims, Majeed Badizadegan, Carolyn Boyd, James Thomas, Matthew Brabham, Mauricio Cordoba, Matt Hansen, Tay McEdwards, Sara Monk, Erin Martin, John McQueen, Victoria Drake, Michael McDonald, Alan Calvert, Ricky Middaugh, Cody Nivens, Oliver Day, Santiago Uceda

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Opening Activities

  • Introductions (name, department, role on their OSU website, what they're currently working on) - Derek Whiteside (5 min)

CWS Updates

  • Customer Advisory Group Information - Derek Whiteside (5 min)
  • Acquia Updates - Matt Hansen - (5 min)

Interactive Communications Updates

  • Any News?

Feature Site


  • Drupal 8 Progress - Sher Fenn (10 min)
    • Key Contributed Module Status
  • Drupalcon New Orleans, May 2016 - Sher Fenn (5 min)

Show & Tell

  • ¬†Paragraphs Module and Pine Theme - Mauricio Cordoba (20 min)

Web Fundamentals

  • Analytics - Dan Crouch & Kegan Sims (15 min)

Community Activities/Events

  • Architect's Meeting: May 23rd, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, LInC 368

Derek W:

  • Call for feedback on Open Labs regarding dates and times.
  • Hackathon announcement and invitation for groups to register for the event
  • DubLabs has been kicked off. Vendor supplied platform that makes for easy mobile app development. First pass expected this summer.

Matt H:

  • Over spring break moved many academic sites
  • Three more sites remaining
  • AgSci & Extension getting their own docroot
  • Next move is Drupal 6
  • Have to phase out SSO and fully replace with CAS
  • Question: What are advantages with Acquia?
    • Mostly back end advantages, front end users will not be overly impacted
    • For departments with their own web teams, they get advanced toolsets
    • One click restore & backup
    • Helps distribute IT services, which is part of a good disaster recovery plan
  • Question: How does Acquia provide their services
    • They use Amazon cloud services

Carolyn B & James T: http://experience.oregonstate.edu

  • Site intention is to help engage students in programs and events at Oregon State
  • Lots of multimedia
  • Practical resources so students can connect
  • Soft launch phase. Requesting feedback. Full release is expected for the fall.
  • Organized by Learning Themes
  • Goal is make it inclusive, co-curricular, and experiential
  • Front page of site is an HTML page - this will be changed once paragraphs module is released
  • Worked with Interactive Communications & Marketing for design
  • On sub-pages, custom horizontal menu that uses icons that match the front page
  • Uses FlexBox
  • Working on getting image-embedded text into screen readable overlays
  • Lots of custom icons developed to help mark different campuses and themes
  • Custom vertical timeline being built
  • Question: Do you want feedback from the community?
    • Yes, please send emails to Carolyn with any feedback
  • Question: Does Benny plan on wrapping up the Vertical Timeline into a module to share it?
    • That could be a possibility

Sher F:

Mauricio C:

  • Gave demo and brief overview of Pine
  • Paragraphs module is used to give content creators more layout flexibility
  • Paragraphs based on bundles - names will be changed over time to standardize
  • 2-column paragraph demonstrated
    • Text added to right column
    • Parallax image added to right column.
  • Paragraph Menu
    • Quickly creates a horizontal menu
    • FontAwesome integration with paragraph menus
  • Three-column layout
    • Add an image and text in all three editors
    • Varying colors can be added to different columns
  • CWS Bundles will now be locked down, but permitted users can create their own custom bundles
  • Question: Are latest changes in repo?
    • Everything that is dev.acquia is now available, but the modules that make up the system are not enabled by default.
  • Question: Will there be a wizard created for enabling this module so users can do it themselves, or do they need to contact CWS?
    • That has yet to be determined
  • Question: When will this be available?
    • Short answer - if you have a dev.acquia site it's available now. Ask CWS to enable and set it up for you
    • Long answer - it should be available to production by May
  • Question: Is this intended to replace Feature Stories or Landing pages
    • It can be used in many different ways. It doesn't necessarily have to "replace" anything.
  • Question: What is used for Parallax?
    • The Entity Background module supplies the Parallax funcitonality

Dan C & Kegan S

  • The university is moving towards a more official Google Analytics platform
  • Check out http://moz.com/blog/absolute-beginners-guide-to-google-analytics for an easy to follow primer
  • To get a Google Analytics account here at OSU, contact Kegan
  • Dashboard displayed for oregonstate.edu
    • Session: the period of time a user is actively engaged with your site
    • Users: unique users
    • Pages/Session: pages viewed per session
    • Bounce Rate: a bounce is when the user hits the back button immediately after landing on an incorrect page that they traveled to.
  • Shows geographic map of where users are visiting from
  • Mobile Friendliness: looks to see if websites transfer over well to mobile devices
  • Top Content: top performing pages on a site
  • Keywords: used to be able to see the words users put into search engines. That rich data isn't available in Google Analytics anymore. It can still be accessed via Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Event Tracking: lets you tag elements that users interact with, such as buttons and widgets, that you can then use to track user behavior
    • Testing done on OSU Home page
      • 125 clickable things on the home page
      • First: Tools & Services button was most clicked
      • Second: Mobile Menu icon
      • Third: Search icon
      • Fourth: Mobile Tools & Services menu item
    • Filtered out people who are not from Corvallis
      • First: Academics link
  • Question: Could the Google Analytics module be added into the CWS Distribution?
    • This should be explored.