06/14/2016, 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
Kidder 202

Matt Hansen, Mauricio Cordoba, Nicholas Blum, Tam Frager, Sher Fenn, Kegan Sims, Oliver Day, Matthew Brabham, Carolyn Boyd, Alan Calvert, John McQueen, Priya Akella, Michael McDonald, Zachary Person, Sara Monk, Roger Leigh, Mark Dinsmore

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Opening Activities

  • Introductions (name, department, role on their OSU website, what they're currently working on) - Sher Fenn (5 min)

CWS Updates

  • Topics for Acquia Speaker - Matt Hansen (5 min)
  • Open Labs / Training - Sher Fenn (5 min)
    • Reduce the frequency of formal classes
    • During the summer we'll hold 2 open labs per month
  • Pine & Paragraphs Updates - Mauricio Cordoba (5 min)
  • Progress of D6, D7, D8 - Matt Hansen (5 min)

Interactive Communications Updates

  • Drupal Sample Site - David Baker & Crew (10 min)

Drupalcon Takeaways

  • Panel Discussion or 5-minute Lightning Takeaways
    • Let's ask those who attended to share a key idea or sit down with the other attendees and do a panel discussion.
    • We could also ask if anyone who went would like to do a longer talk, possibly at a future meeting
      • Attendees: Bryan Mayjor, Roger Leigh, Sara Monk, Sher Fenn, Gaurav Mandan, Matt Hansen, Dennis Bennett, Matt Viehdorfer, Ben Greenwalt

Show & Tell

  • Project Management/Intake Tool - Michael McDonald (15 min)

Featured Site

  • Experience.o.e - Carolyn Boyd & John McQueen (10 min)

Web Fundamentals

  • Web Trivia Game - Nick Blum (10 - 15 min)

Community Activities/Events

  • Developer Group Meeting Update - Matthew Brabham (5 min)
  • Communicator's Meeting Update - Erin Martin (5 min)
  • Architect's Meeting Update - Sher Fenn (5 min)
  • Community Topic Callout

Topics for Acquia Speaker

  • Acquia is willing to provide a consultant who will come down and present on topics that would be of interest to us. Matt made a request for topics.
  • Topics of interest expressed, at the meeting, include:
    • Media
    • File Handling
    • Lightning Distribution
    • Future Web Trends/Forecasting
    • D3 Module (Data Visualization)
  • A Google Sheet has been made available to add any additional ideas

Open Labs / Training

  • Our Open Labs experiment has received favorable response from all who attend, but the attendance, unfortunately, has been pretty low in comparison to the resources that are provided for them. Additionally, summer is historically a slower time for training and community commitments. As a result, we're going to re-configure things a little bit
    • The frequency of formal classes is going to be dropped to one set of workshops per month.
      • Attendance tends to drop off significantly during the summer, anyhow. Users who are unable to make it to formal classes can attend Open Lab as a substitute.
    • During the summer we'll hold 2 open labs per month
      • We will continue to run a Friday afternoon lab for one of these sessions, but will also offer a Monday afternoon lab as well.

Pine & Paragraphs Updates

  • Pine and Paragraphs have both been released to production sites
  • Pine is available as a Doug Fir theme variant in the Doug Fir settings - when switching to, make sure to do the following
    • Toggle the new Top Hat option button
    • Toggle the Full Width option button
  • While the Paragraphs module is in production, we do not have it turned on by default. We are requesting that people practice in their dev sites prior to working on it in production. Please contact CWS at http://oregonstate.edu/cws/contact and make a request to have it enabled.

Progress of D6, D7, D8

  • Drupal 8
    • We are continuing our exploration of Drupal 8, using Acquia's Lightning distribution
    • Matt and Sher have been working with Acquia, who has contacted several other universities, and is showing a commitment in the form of $500,000 to get academia related modules, such as Biblio, up and running
  • Drupal 7
    • We are down to only three sites in our Aeger environment:
      • Live
      • Main
      • Ag Research Foundation
    • These sites are scheduled to be pushed up to Acquia on 06/15/2016
  • Drupal 6
    • There are around 80 D6 sites left that must be first migrated to Drupal 7 and then pushed up to Acquia

Drupal Sample Sites

  • Kegan provided us with a thorough overview of the two new sample sites released by Interactive Communications
  • Both of these sites provide examples of the different types of layouts that can be achieved using these two theme variants

Drupalcon 5 Minute Lightning Takeaways

  • Sher
  • Matt
    • Presentation on the highlights of his Drupalcon New Orleans experience:
      • Paragraphs
      • Tour

Project Management/Intake Tool

  • Michael gave us a look at the project management tool he built to handle the marketing production workflow of the Career Center
  • This tool consolidates a lot of different activities that spanned several different services and were causing some confusion for his less-technical clients
  • Of special interest are the calculated fields, filtering tools, and custom styling

Featured Site - http://experience.oregonstate.edu

  • Carolyn and John teamed up to show us how the Experience site has changed from it's HTML based, soft-launch production site at http://experience.oregonstate.edu to it's fully Drupalized development site at http://experience.dev.acquia.cws.oregonstate.edu
  • Carolyn highlighted the use of Paragraphs (vs the Feature Page feature in the old site) and showed us some navigational changes that were made
  • John highlighted the use of data visualization and a Call to Action paragraph bundle that he created

Web Trivia Game

  • Nick emceed our first ever Web Trivia game
  • The winner of the event was Alan Calvert, who took home a pair of lovely Acquia socks :)

Upcoming Events

  • Content Strategy and Web Communication in Drupal subgroup meeting: Thursday, July 7 from 2:00 - 3:30pm, LInC 368 - 165 SW Sackett Place
  • Drupal Architect Meeting: Tuesday, July 19th, 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm LInC 303 - 165 SW Sackett Place