Want to have a say in how OSU Drupal works and be part of a fun, vibrant community?

If so, then come visit us at the OSU Community meetings, every other month on the second Tuesday of the month, from 2:00 to 4:00.

Our next meeting is:

August 8th

Agenda - Drupal Community August 8, 2017

Join via WebEx

Intros/icebreaker 5-10 - Kegan

  • First site or web thing you made/edited (How did you get involved with the web?)


Web Services Updates 10-15 - Michael

  • Moving

    • Web Services moving to two places: Kidder basement and Gilkey 106.

    • Looking at moving sometime during fall term.

  • Localist Project Kickoff

    • 3rd party software that replaces calendar.o.e

    • Calendar owners at OSU are getting an email about the project kickoff today.

  • Drupal 8/WAMS project update

    • On hold as D6 burndown project wraps up. Ramping back up in September 

    • Module development still slooooooow.

  • Drupal 6 progress/burndown

  • Charles’ visualization

    • A cool way to visualize what's WS is working through right now


Marketing Updates: Kegan 10-15

  • No major reports, Kegan asked the group to share ideas to make the web better going forward.


  • Campus Map

    • Mauricio demo'd. URL is http://campusmap.dev.acquia.cws.oregonstate.edu/

    • Mobile first development, overlays include gender inclusive restrooms, emergency light phones, and dining options.

    • Desktop has a similar layout except overlay option is open.

    • Aug 20 - will be released side by side with campus map

    • Waiting on: layer for parking, other data that will be maintained.

    • Cool because it serves data back to API. Photos and alternate names are hosted in Drupal. 

  • Web Fundamentals:

    • Mail:to How-to - Matthew

      • Why we don't do it: harvested in a second, bots can get around attempts to mask (Person (at) oregonstate.edu) 

      • Noted that calendar still shows masked email. New calendar will no longer have that. 

      • Industry standards

      • What to do instead

      • Considerations/gotchas (vacation response)

      • Non-osu account email

    • Fontawesome Refresher - Michael

      • URL: http://fontawesome.io/3.2.1/examples/

      • Allows you to quickly and easily insert icons.

      • Has classes you can apply to make bigger (ie. icon-4x) 

      • Don't use it for bulleted lists. Drupal doesn't like that and you have to use a bunch of CSS to make it work. 

      • You can stack items?!?!

      • Why is using Fontawesome better than uploading a photo? No worry about ugh uploading, compression or performance!

      • Why do we use Bootstrap 2 - ensures backwards compatibility. When we move to Drupal 8 we'll adopt Bootstrap 4.

      • Best practices: icons with text so screen readers can see.

    • Web Aim Training Event  - Mauricio

  • Topics from the community (10 minutes)