01/08/2016, 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
LInC 268 - 165 SW Sackett Place

Ricky Middaugh, Joe Sheridan Fenn, Mauricio Cordoba, Cody Nivens, Nicholas Blum, Matt Hansen, Roberto Nunez, Will Seble, Matthew Brabham, Pat Kight, Alan Calvert, Terralyn Vandetta

Join Remotely Via WebEx


Opening Activities (5 min)

  • Introductions (if necessary: name, department, role on their OSU website, what they're currently working on)

News (5 min)

  • Drupalcon 2016

Training (45 min)

  • Field Configuration - Sher Fenn (40 min)
    • We'll brush over some basics, but we'll focus a bit deeper on some more interesting things such as Entity References and Field Collections.
  • Planning for Next Session (5 min)
    • What kind of views do you folks want to build next time? Toss out some ideas.

Community Activities/Events (5 min)

  • Developer Group Meeting: TBA
  • Communicator's Meeting: TBA
  • Drupal Community Meeting: TBA

Open Forum (30 min)


DrupalCon 2016 will be in New Orleans, international is in Dublin, Ireland.

OSU Drupal 7 Architects - Feature Building Part 02 - Custom Node Development Slides

Possibly append Machine Name with a descriptive name, especially if the field has a common description which could conflict with another field already in the system, or may be added later, ie: recipe_course.

Content Types > Recipe > Manage Fields

  • Edit settings of an item and you can adjust the field.
  • Alergines > Entity Reference, set configurations. Render Views filter as select list make sure it's checked.
  • Cook Time > Integer: Can add Prefix and Suffix
  • Image > Edit: Select Enabled browser plugins, this will determine where you can access files from. File Extensions should be adjusted to ensure the type of file you're using is defined.
  • Can specify the Content Layout using the Bootstrap Layout Options.

Structure > Field Collections

  • Add fields for the collections and asign regions.

Accessibility: Hiding something content based on positioning outside the viewable range of a page will make something not visible to visitors to the page, however, a screen reader can still pick it up. "Display None" would not get the content. Also could make a text that matches background color so it is invisible but allows a reader to see it.

Chaning or forcing Style changes should be a last resort.

Sher opened floor to anyone having anything to discuss or add.

  • Developers Meeting next week.
  • InterWebs Open Lab scheduled for Jan 22, 2016.