05/23/2016, 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
LInC 368 - 165 SW Sackett Place

Joe Sheridan Fenn, Mauricio Cordoba, Tam Frager, Cody Nivens, Ricky Middaugh, Nicholas Blum, Michael McDonald, Alan Calvert, James Thomas, John McQueen, Erin Martin, Kalie Urbanowitz

Join Remotely Via WebEx


Opening Activities (5 min)

  • Introductions (if necessary: name, department, role on their OSU website, what they're currently working on)

News (5 min)

  • Paragraphs Progress - Mauricio Cordoba (5 min)
  • Drupalcon Review - Sher Fenn (5 min)

Show and Tell (20 min)

  • Making Drupal Calendar Mobile Friendly - John McQueen (15-20 min)

Training (30 min)

  • Dynamic Content Presentation - Sher Fenn (30 min)
    • Views Exposed & Contextual Filters
    • Contexts

Community Activities/Events (5 min)

  • Drupal Community Meeting: Tuesday, June 14th, 2:00 - 3:30 Room TBA
  • Any other events/activities?

Open Forum (30 min)


Paragraphs are not going to be enabled by default, it will need to be turned on. Also the theme needs to be Pine. 1 Column Background adds stying for content to the right or left. 1 Coumn with Margin allows margins around the image, video. Plan to roll out new feature sometime within the next week or two.

DrupalCon, Sher's favorite presentation was Easy Accessibility in Drupal 8 - https://events.drupal.org/neworleans2016/sessions/easy-accessibility-dru....

Started by turning on the Calendar Module, created a Stylesheet Overlay to clean up prev and next buttons. On the mobile display the events were displayed in a list format instead of a traditional calendar grid.

Recipe Content Type View will need setting for the Relationships configured. Allows setting of Field Criteria. Format using Bootstrap Table to access configuration options for the display. When looking at view inside editing, the preview is not actually displaying in bootstrap. You will need to view the actual page the view is being displayed on in order to see how it will be rendered.

Mauricio asked for input for D8 functionality differing from our D7 environment.