This image will be the full width of the browser. This a great place to put a high-quality photo that shows off your best. For image sizing, read our guidelines for photography.

Download Pre-Sized Campus Backgrounds

You can add overlay text, like this. By default, the text is centered.

But, you can have text on the left

Or text on the right

1 column background image with parallax

When adding an image, select parallax instead of image

Grid Patterns

University branding includes grid patterns that can be overlaid photos or brand colors. There are PNG files to download that are made specifically for the 1 column background image. No need to resize or fuss. Check out the example page of grid patterns to see them in action. 

Download Grid Patterns

Subtle backgrounds

  1. Download a pattern
  2. Extract it
  3. Upload it as a background image. Don't choose parallax.
  4. Choose Repeat for the style