What we believe.

We're inspired by every detail of the world around us. We encourage big dreams, bold risks, and never saying "can't." Innovative ideas energize us. New challenges excite us. From curious thinkers to visionary creators, we set the standard on the quest to be more.

Small classes, big ideas.

At the Honors College, just about everything is up for discussion. With average class sizes of 12 to 20 students, your ideas and input are not only encouraged, they're expected. The HC develops new curricula each year to remain fresh and relevant to contemporary issues. Courses feel less like "classes" and more like stimulating conversations among peers. 

Choose your own adventure. 

So many interests, so little time. At the Honors College, you're free to pick classes you enjoy, regardless of whether or not they're specific to your major. Are you a left-brained engineering major wanting to stretch the philosophical right side? Or an artist inspired by chemical compounds? Take courses that challenge, inspire, and encourage you to approach issues in a new way. 

Live and learn. 

The Honors College curriculum offers you the unique opportunity to learn by doing. From immersive classes to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you'll build skills that you'll actually use when going on to graduate school or working in a professional environment. Invaluable internships, research opportunities, and international service clearning experiences prepare you to be a compassionate, contributing citizen of the world.