Open Lab

Open Lab is available via Microsoft Teams, based out of the Open Lab channel. We will do our best to support you there or via screen sharing as needed.
Open Lab is on Mondays from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

About Open Labs

It's a free program that embodies the spirit of experimentation, learning and collaboration. Each session will have members of the Digital Experience department and University Marketing on hand.  And if we don't have experience on hand, we are happy to make recommendations or learn with you. 

Bring your projects to the lab and we’ll assemble a team on the fly to either workshop solutions right on the spot or set you on a course to continue to work on your own with confidence. Are you lacking a robust web support team? Well now for two hours per week you’ve got one.

Common Lab Topics

  • Layout
  • Updating staff directories
  • Adding pages to your site
  • Updating menus and navigation
  • Content Architecture
  • Photography and graphics
  • Drupal training